A Blue Pellucidity

Surrounding me is a deep, clear blue,
In this place my dreams come true.
An eternal love, a never ending warmth, and security,
We enter into my Blue Pellucidity.

The Blue Pellucidity

I find myself sitting before a dark blue grand piano beneath a moonlit sky. The piano – its spotless shine reflecting the cool, blue moonlight on to my face. My long fingers touch the keys. They move gracefully over each of them, searching and feeling every curve, every distinct edge separating each note – tantalizing my senses. It has been a long time.

My fingers press down, the keys give under the pressure. The first notes play. My ears hear the delicate warmth of the tones. My fingers, strong and tight, flow without hesitation from one key to the next. The warmth finds its way into my soul surrounding it with an ecstasy so pure and true making it impossible for my disease to break through.

Upon a whispering evening breeze the notes carry the medley into this immaculate evening. I know this is a dream, but I am in a place where dreams come true – The Blue Pellucidity.


© 2016 Kipling A.  Jackson

Why “Blue Pellucidity”?

Blue is absolutely my favorite color.  It has a deep, richness about it that soothes my soul whenever I look at it.   And, to me, the word “pellucid” means purity – the object, whatever it may be, is perfect and has no blemishes.  Together, the phrase simply means: a purest blue I could possibly imagine.

When I see a clear sky on a cool, autumn morning, I see Blue Pellucidity.  Every time I look at the sapphire on my wife’s wedding ring, I see Blue Pellucidity.  Remembering how clear the waters of the Caribbean were on our cruise, I see Blue Pellucidity.

Kipling A. Jackson 2/8/13