The Phoenix

A couple of phrases revealed themselves to me last night. Below is the finished product. A poem of darkness and light and hope entitled “The Phoenix”. Enjoy…Kip.

The Phoenix

Under grey cloud I ponder,
Of dreams and wishes I chase away.
As darkness falls over the land,
Am I awake or in deep slumber?
The blackness surrounds and destroys,
Time measured upon apathetic plunder.

Whispering wind flowing through my hair,
Breaking through the morning fog,
A new hope shines down.
I turn to face the rising sun,
To bear witness, the birth of a new day.
Emerging from tainted depths,
The binding ashes shed,
My body aglow in Its healing light.
Bathing in Its warmth,
With magnificent wings spread,
I rise.

Kipling A. Jackson

 © 2016 Kipling A. Jackson

Road Trip

We took a short road trip to the lake house. My thoughts:

I fell in love again today. I rediscovered God’s incredible creation.

My senses absorb the luscious green of trees and vegetation as we travel by.
Eyes slow down the motion, inspecting every tree, drinking in every ounce of beauty.
I dream of running through the spacious grassy pastures,
Climbing up the rolling hills and tumbling down the other side,
With fresh grass in my hair, I pick the yellow and white wildflowers under a rich blue sky.
And the sky, oh so blue, I never knew how much I have missed you!
Clumps of yellow and white in a sea of green underneath a never ending blue.
A warm, delicate breeze blows softly through my hair,
Picking up the sweet scent of the bouquet, I breathe in deeply.
Tears stream down my cheek because I feel my God’s love,
There is no doubt, I am in His presence.
I realize that one day this dream will come true. 

Y’all have a safe weekend!!!

© 2014 Kipling A. Jackson

I KNOW, I Know, I know…

I KNOW, I Know, I know…

I’ve been away for a while. But now I’m officially “retired” from work. No more STRESS!!! I’m really gonna miss the people I work with.

I’m trying to get organized and set up in my home office. Dad has built me a huge desk with lots of room underneath for the wheelchair. It has an L-shape to it and will take up a large part of the office. I want it to be a one stop entertainment shop. I’ll have my PS3/Blue-Ray player, my computer, my monitor, a dvd player, and my stereo on it.

I will be doing a HELL of a lot of writing. Side note here: it’s amazing how fast the day goes by when you’re watching TV. So now that I have caught up with my favorite TV shows, it is now time to be productive.

This blog will be about my experiences with ALS (as I write this, my left hand doesn’t want to type). We’ll talk about how beautiful life really is. I’ll put in some snippets of short stories I am working on as well as other writing projects. And then sometimes, I will just talk about stuff – there’s a lot of “stuff” out there so be warned. I think I will enjoy writing on this blog because it will give me a break from the formality and restraint of what I hope will be very well-written prose. I’ll try to make my grammar proper in this blog but I’m not promising nothing (how’s that for a double-negative).

I am excited about “retiring.” I really do believe my best days of life both spiritually and creatively are ahead of me. ALS will take away my ability to move, it will take away my smile, it will take away my breathing, but this disease CANNOT TOUCH MY SOUL!!!! It cannot touch my ability to love and to be loved. It cannot touch my passion for reading and writing. It will not touch my obsession and love for music. I will not give up. I will fight to the very last. There is so much to live for! And I will live each day to its fullest.

I love you guys! Thank you for your support!

Kipling A. Jackson

Almost Ten Years

It has been almost ten years since my friend Chad Buckley died from brain cancer. His obituary with his picture is still tacked up on my writing desk. I draw inspiration from it and am reminded that he never complained no matter how much pain or disability he faced. I also am comforted by the fact that he is looking down on me right now and will take care of me. One of his favorite phrases was “Carpe diem.” It’s true, we should all “Seize the day” and enjoy every moment of it. Love you, brother.

Kipling A. Jackson

Here is a poem I wrote right after his death:


Through His arms, and
Into His Kingdom,
Our God welcomed me.

All at once, I saw the true meaning of existence,
I knew this was the answer.
For if all could see what now fills me,
No one would dare to offer resistance.

It wasn’t so plain to see,
Through all of life’s pain and misery,
But now it is so very clear to me,
Because now my soul is truly set free.

I now sit here among the stars,
Watching all of you from afar.
Wondering why it is so hard for me,
To understand why you don’t know what I easily see.

It seems to me,
Why all of you do not care to see.
It’s the destination all of you seek,
Not the meaning of the journey.

“Carpe diem!” Dear friends,
Don’t let the instant pass.
Capture the moment and make it last.

Kipling A. Jackson