Why “Blue Pellucidity”?

Blue is absolutely my favorite color.  It has a deep, richness about it that soothes my soul whenever I look at it.   And, to me, the word “pellucid” means purity – the object, whatever it may be, is perfect and has no blemishes.  Together, the phrase simply means: a purest blue I could possibly imagine.

When I see a clear sky on a cool, autumn morning, I see Blue Pellucidity.  Every time I look at the sapphire on my wife’s wedding ring, I see Blue Pellucidity.  Remembering how clear the waters of the Caribbean were on our cruise, I see Blue Pellucidity.

Kipling A. Jackson 2/8/13

3 Replies to “Why “Blue Pellucidity”?”

  1. Kip,
    I saw you on Ch 11 this morning.
    We still talk about you in the library, about how much we miss seeing your smiling face and since Kip left we have to wait longer to get problems fixed.

    I just want you to know my thoughts and prayers are with you each day.

    Take Care

    Rosie Dixon


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