Almost Ten Years

It has been almost ten years since my friend Chad Buckley died from brain cancer. His obituary with his picture is still tacked up on my writing desk. I draw inspiration from it and am reminded that he never complained no matter how much pain or disability he faced. I also am comforted by the fact that he is looking down on me right now and will take care of me. One of his favorite phrases was “Carpe diem.” It’s true, we should all “Seize the day” and enjoy every moment of it. Love you, brother.

Kipling A. Jackson

Here is a poem I wrote right after his death:


Through His arms, and
Into His Kingdom,
Our God welcomed me.

All at once, I saw the true meaning of existence,
I knew this was the answer.
For if all could see what now fills me,
No one would dare to offer resistance.

It wasn’t so plain to see,
Through all of life’s pain and misery,
But now it is so very clear to me,
Because now my soul is truly set free.

I now sit here among the stars,
Watching all of you from afar.
Wondering why it is so hard for me,
To understand why you don’t know what I easily see.

It seems to me,
Why all of you do not care to see.
It’s the destination all of you seek,
Not the meaning of the journey.

“Carpe diem!” Dear friends,
Don’t let the instant pass.
Capture the moment and make it last.

Kipling A. Jackson

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